Published On: Wed, Dec 28th, 2011

‘My efforts bases to fulfill the people’s expectations’

How can people understand getting Barsha Man Pun Ananta as a nation’s Finance Minister ?

I am a cadre and the leader who has been struggling against to the evils, disorders, unemplyement, superstition including others probles in the society. In the past, I was a warrior, commander and political leader during the People’s War but now as I have become the minister I think my role and social responsiblibities are more and it’s my new introduction of mine status too. I will try my best to complete the expectation of the people from my side.

As you are getting an important ministry, what have you brought a new thing to Nepalese people who have definitely big expectation from this government ?
The main thing is politics. If politics is all right everything becomes normal. The politics of today is concluding the army integration and peace process. If there is no peace, suitable environment for the investment and the financial activities, the economics status of the country no more steps forward. The new statute which directs by a new way has become the vital component that concentrates the all aspects of the political arena.

The new statute would make such political mechanism that lets door opened for the economical development. The new statute would make such economic policy, administrative strucuture and define other aspects which could immediately open the door to the development. If we write such statute consisting of alleviating the poverty, unemplyment and the haves not group, obviously we could guide each sectors appropriately and go ahead progressively. In this way the main thing of the new government would be that of concluding the peace and constitution drafting as well.

The people have generated hopes and aspirations to this goverment but denial of participation by one of groups in your party has distressed. How can you manage this situation and forward the steps of your government ?
Through your online we appologize to the people as we could not forward ourself that we had estimated before. We try to address the different thoughts of our leaders who have come through a long struggle. Because our friends those who supported us in the People’s War have different thoughts than those we have. Though they have dissimilar thought we manage by heart. Party Chairman and our other leaders are also managing these aspects affluently. Obviously we can manage these all misconception those are soaring up these days. We justify as we used to do in the pasts that only the Maoist can lead and transform the nation. We can address the people’s expectations not by single night but slowly and steadily.

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