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Part time jobs for women to balance work-life

Getting back to work after having a baby is never easy, Apart from finding a reliable baby creche, long working hours can also leave your baby pining for your attention. That’s when working part time becomes a viable option. Women these days are increasingly opting for part-time jobs that not just pay well but also help them maintain a good work-life balance. Here are 10 of the most popular part-time jobs for women.

Tiffin services

If you like to cook, consider starting your own tiffin service. Keep in mind that your food should be light, healthy and wholesome so that people can eat it on an everyday basis. What’s more, you must take into account different kinds of clients and decide your meals accordingly – vegetarians, diabetics et al. Finally, you must make sure to deliver your tiffins on time.


Starting your own playschool at home can earn you a lot of money without long working hours but you will need to have some kind of formal training in Montessori teaching. Also a large room in your home is an absolute must-have to ensure the kids are kept out of trouble. You might also need to hire help to assist you.

Freelance writing/ Blogging

Lots of research, a flair for writing and the ability to meet deadlines is what you need for this job. Having some kind of media background also really pays, if you are considering a part-time writing job. Submit your writing samples to various publications (online/ print) and get ready to become a freelance writer. Maintain a blog side-by-side, you never know when it will take off, inviting advertisers and making you rich!

Hobby classes

Everyone today wants to try their hand at something new. From painting to cooking and sewing to dancing, people are always willing to learn a new art. If you have the patience to teach, you can make a ton of money. Again, you will need a room in your home where you can run your hobby class.


A very lucrative part-time job, there is a great demand for talented photographers these days. People simply love to document every moment of their lives and they are willing to pay for it. Take a short photography course to master the basics and then give a few free services to friends to spread the word. Eg: Do a friend’s engagement shoot or shoot some cool baby photos of your niece. Once work gets around, there’s no looking back.

Make up & Beauty

The obsession with looking beautiful is on the rise, and so is the demand for beauticians. A crash course in hairstyling and make up would be worth every penny you spend on it. Practise a little on friends and family and you’ll be all set to start your own venture. What’s more, you can pick and choose projects as per your convenience. Once you establish yourself, it would be good to have a niche like party/ wedding make up may be.

Multi-level marketing

A lot of women have used multi-level marketing to support themselves financially. There are a bunch of make up, household care and healthcare brands that you can be attached to. All you have need is the gift of the gab and a large enough network of friends and acquaintances.


With the trend of working moms on the increase, these women find it difficult to see to their children’s homework. That’s where you come in with your services. Of course, running tuition classes often means sacrificing your evenings as children go to school during the day. So be prepared for that before you get into business.

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